Technology, Teamwork and Patient-Centered Care Lead to Low Readmission Rates for Genesis Medical Center

According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal government’s healthcare administration agency, Genesis Medical Center in Davenport has the fourth-lowest 30-day readmission rate in the country, at just 13.7 percent of patients requiring hospital stays within 30 days of discharge.

CMS collected readmission rate data on heart attack patients over a two-year period. Compared to the readmission rate national average of 17 percent, Genesis Medical Center is excelling greatly in patient treatment and rehabilitation.

The Heart Institute, Genesis Medical Center’s cardiovascular treatment center, is equipped with some of the most advanced technology and research initiatives in order to provide the most effective treatments possible. It was the first hospital in the Quad Cities to offer Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement treatment for severe aortic stenosis, and also offers pulmonary vein isolation cryoablation for heart arrhythmia as well as laser atherectomy and drug-eluting balloon angioplasty for Peripheral Artery Disease.

However, the Heart Institute would be nothing without its dedicated staff of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons.

“We’re amazed at the skill of the Cardiovascular Medicine, PC, doctors,” says Marcia Brewer, director of Heart and Vascular Services at GMC. “They always are willing to learn and try the newest technology or participate in the latest clinical trials.”

Brewer stresses the importance of teamwork in providing quality care, from the EMS drivers, to the cardiologists, to the nurses and techs. “All play a part in the excellent care our heart patients receive.”

Genesis Heart Institute takes after-surgery care just as seriously as when the patient is in the emergency room. Once patients are able to return home and recuperate from there, they can be referred to the Genesis VNA visiting nurse program as well as the Heart Institute’s CardioPulmonary Rehab Program.

Whether in the midst of surgery or recuperating from a hospital stay, the skilled and caring staff, advanced treatments and amenities at Genesis Medical Center are what make up the outstanding quality of care patients receive from start to finish.