Medelita Donates Scrubs To Humanitarian Non-Profit Global Outreach Doctors

Medelita is proud to dedicate resources to helping make the world a better place, and our charitable donations and outreach efforts are inspired by the role our customers play in making all of our lives healthier.

While there are plenty of popular and PR-friendly causes around the world that provide crucial help for those in need, we believe in supporting organizations and causes where we have an opportunity to provide the greatest and most responsible impact and that we feel provide tangible benefits to humanity.

One such organization is Global Outreach Docs, a non-profit humanitarian organization of dedicated medical professionals who volunteer their time and services to provide international healthcare in underserved regions of the world.  

About Global Outreach Doctors

Founded in late 2014 by naturopathic physician Andrew Lustig, Global Outreach Doctors' first medical mission in 2015 sent a volunteer team to Nepal after a devastating earthquake killed nearly 10,000 local people and injured about 25,000 more in the community.

Scrubs donation

Dr. Chris Hammond (wearing custom embroidered Medelita scrubs) of the Los Alamos Medical Center and Tyler Jones, a Santa Fe City firefighter/EMT leave Friday evening for the front lines of Mosul, Iraq as part of a team being deployed by Global Outreach Doctors. [Photo credit: Clyde Mueller/The New Mexican]

Since its founding, the organization has spearheaded many medical relief efforts, sending medical volunteers to the Syrian border, as well as the Island of Lesbos and Kenya. Closer to home, Global Outreach Doctors sent a team to Orlando, Fla., to help treat patients injured in the Pulse nightclub shooting, during which 49 people were killed and another 53 were wounded.

Unlike other medical mission organizations, Global Outreach Doctors is unique in that it offers both short term (2-3 weeks) and long term missions for global health clinic and disaster deployments. Their impressive team of integrative health practitioners includes medical doctors, nurses, paramedics, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists and mental health professionals, who can be instrumental in stabilizing survivors of disasters and supporting medical teams through crisis counseling and psychological first aid.

GoDocs envisions improving health care and health outcomes by building local capacity and improving health care delivery in under-served, disadvantaged populations worldwide. Underserved areas need more medical providers: surgeons, doctors, nurses, paramedics, eastern practitioners and mental health professionals. There’s one physician for every 20,000 people in parts of Africa alone - just one example of the stark disparities in healthcare and health outcomes around the world. 

Visit the Global Outreach Doctors website here.