Healthcare Lab Coats

Healthcare lab coats are available from a number of medical apparel manufacturers. They can generally be grouped into two categories or classes, standard or non-premium and premium. Most manufacturers focus on the standard category where the various manufacturers compete primarily on price. In the premium category, the manufacturers compete on fashion, fit, function and fabrics. Both groups play important roles in serving the needs of clinicians with different requirements and preferences. The majority of all healthcare lab coats in the standard category are made from a fabric that’s a blend of polyester and cotton. Most healthcare lab coats in this group are not made of fabric that has been treated to improve its performance, wrinkle resistance or fluid resistance, for example. The designs are usually very basic, often employing straight lines and straight seams. By contrast, healthcare lab coats that fall within the premium class possess designs that are usually quite sophisticated. The fabric used is 100% cotton so that it’s breathable and therefore cooler to wear. They’re usually made with performance fabrics that have been treated with technology that makes them soil and stain resistant as well as wrinkle and fluid resistant. The best of them employ gender specific designs that flatter the wearer by shaping the body to enhance the fit and appearance. The very best are hand sewn and immediately recognizable for their superior quality. Those interested in learning more about this new class of healthcare lab coats can go to Medelita , the company credited with creating this new premium class of healthcare lab coats.