Ingrid Fianza BSN, RN

Ingrid Fianza is a Registered Nurse from California who got her degree in the Philippines, where her mother was also an RN. Ingrid's journey in medicine was inspired by her mother, who passed at a very young age due to heart failure and who encouraged her to pursue medicine and follow her steps. Outside of work, Ingrid loves to explore nature and hit the gym, and visiting her family out of state.

In her own words,

"My favorite thing about working in the medical field is being able to touch people's lives in any way possible. I meet a lot of people with different cultures and values but that doesn't stop me from providing the proper care they need. Whatever specialty we're in, it is very important to treat our patients with integrity and respect. It is important to listen and make our patients feel that you are there for them. 

Professional style is being able to go to work looking smart, fresh and ready to face whatever the medical world throws at you.It is important because it reflects who you are and it gives the patient or family member an impression if they could trust you to care for them or their love ones."

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