Why To Invest In Quality Lab Coats?

Wondering why to invest in quality lab coats? You’re not alone. For decades, physicians assumed all lab coats were essentially the same, so why expend the effort looking for one that’s special? They correctly concluded it didn’t exist. But with the introduction of premium quality lab coats in 2008, the question began to gain relevancy. Today, any objective study on why to invest in quality lab coats reveals two rather compelling reasons – they significantly enhance a physician’s appearance and, perhaps surprisingly, they’re actually represent a superior value. The medical apparel company credited with the creation of premium quality lab coats is Medelita www.medelita.com. They’re now considered the premier source for quality lab coats so it would seem appropriate to use Medelita Lab Coats as a point of reference for analyzing why to invest in quality lab coats. The most basic argument on why to invest in quality lab coats is the difference it can make, not only in your appearance, but in your presence – with patients, peers, and staff. Studies show they can even have a positive influence on how you feel about yourself. Quality lab coats from a designer like Medelita are sophisticated and refined. The hand-sewn garments exhibit exquisite attention to detail in the stitching that’s immediately noticeable in the lapels, pocket, and backs. Made of 100% high denier cotton, they’re cooler to wear because the fabric breathes, in contrast to the more common cotton/polyester blends. Their fabric even has a subtle texture to it, adding interest and enhancing the brightness of its already pristine white look. These lab coats maintain their brightness through the use of the most technologically advanced certified fabric treatments available, enabling them to resist soiling and staining. Even blood rolls right off! They offer a superior ergonomic fit allowing full range of motion in each of the models in their men’s collection (Medelita Mens), and their women’s collection (Medelita). Since they’re available in standard clothing sizes, a more precise fit can be achieved. And different models in each collection are specifically designed to enhance the fit and fashion for physicians of varying heights. In short, they are demonstrably different in how they make a physician look and feel, as the ratings and reviews (available on their website) by physicians who wear Medelita and Medelita Men’s lab coats so clearly document. The more surprising argument to some is they’re actually a better value than the less expensive lab coats that provide few of the benefits cited above. The reason is they last so much longer. In fact, the quality of the materials and the quality of the tailoring is so exceptional, Medelita offers a One Year Warranty on their lab coats. No other medical apparel company we know of offers anything that’s comparable. So, to the question, why to invest in quality lab coats, the answer is to achieve a superior return, in every way, on your investment in a lab coat.