James Gao, MD

Dr. James Gao is a preliminary internal medicine resident going into dermatology next year. He is passionate about patient care and dermatology. As a proud member of the LGBT community, Dr. James believes in patient advocacy, increasing awareness of public health issues, and clinical research. Outside of medicine, Dr. James enjoys staying physically fit at the gym, cooking healthy vegan meals, singing and playing music, spending time with family and friends, and trying new outdoor and physical activities.

In his own words,

"Dermatology is a diverse and dynamic field with technological and therapeutic advancements being discovered every day. It is a field that is multifaceted and involves expertise in medical dermatology, dermatologic surgery, skin pathology, and research. It involves in-depth understanding of a myriad of common to rare skin diseases that have a complex and often esoteric pathophysiology and complex treatment regimens. Theres always more to learn and new questions to be investigated.

Professional style not only gives me confidence as a provider, it also makes patients more comfortable knowing that their provider cares not only about treating disease, but also presents an image that is comforting and reassuring. Providers with style convey a healthy way of living that exemplifies leadership by examples for patients."

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