Jeffrey Le, DO

Jeffrey Le, DO is a second year internal medicine resident at Lenox Hill in the heart of Manhattan, where he is enjoying every minute of the fast paced New York City lifestyle. Jeffrey has a uniquely non-traditional background, having studied piano and voice in his undergrad. When he isn't working, Jeffrey enjoys exploring everything that NYC has to offer, getting together with his a cappella group, the Midnight Ramblers, to sing on street corners, and even bursting into song on his Instagram!

In his own words,

"My favorite thing about my job is interacting with and building relationships with patients. Residency is such a grind and I've had more than my share of 5am mornings. But what gets me out of bed every single day is thinking, "I wonder how Ms. B is doing today after we started her on those new medications." Or "It will be great to see Mr. G's face when his family gets there today after he got his new stent placed." Some patients that I meet in the hospital end up following up with me in clinic, where we are able to work together to optimize their medications and preventative care, and consequently to help improve quality of life.

My greatest challenge in medicine has been, no doubt, keeping a healthy work-life balance. There are some long 80-hour work weeks throughout the year. On these rotations, I'm exhausted when I get home, often thinking about what I could have done better for my patients that particular day."

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