Kalindi Patel, Student Nurse

Kalindi Patel is a nursing student at Mercer University who aspires to become a Neonatal ICU Nurse and eventually a Nurse Practitioner. Aside from nursing, Kali loves swimming, photography, creating content for her blog, and getting creative in the kitchen! She is also actively involved in her religious community, spending her time as a youth leader and volunteer at her local temple in Atlanta. Her spiritual guru, Mahant Swami Maharaj has always emphasized " Do the best, leave the rest" so with every aspect of her social, personal, and spiritual life, she keeps this quote in mind.

In her own words,

"My favorite thing about my job as a nursing student is learning about the different cases we see in the medical field as well as caring for patients with various backgrounds and cultures. The biggest challenge about my career as a student is keeping up with exams, studying, and learning new information all while juggling clinical rotations, attending nursing related conventions, and being involved voluntarily at my school.

Professional style means an attire that I'm comfortable, but most confident in. It means that I am prepared to take on the day, without worrying about how I look and letting that thought get in the way during my day or night shift. Sometimes simplicity is the greatest approach in the medical field, and I believe that Medelita does a flawless job of depicting a stylish yet professional apparel for everyone!"

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