Kelsey Jarman, PA-S

Kelsey Jarman, PA-S is a PA student in New York. Originally from Maryland, Kelsey was born and raised on Chesapeake crabs (which happens to be her favorite food!). When Kelsey is not in class or studying at her PA program, she enjoys singing and experimenting with makeup. 

In her own words,

"My favorite thing about becoming a dermatology PA is providing patients with the tools to regain their confidence and restore any negative feelings created by their dermatological conditions. The biggest challenge to the medical profession so far has been trying to help noncompliant patients that are expecting to get better. I would also have to add delivery bad news to a patient is a task that I don't ever think will get easier emotionally. Sometimes I invest too much emotion in cases where it affects my personal life.

To me professional style means upholding the integrity of yourself and your profession. However, I don't believe you need to compromise comfort and fashion to be professional!"

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