The Best Lab Coat Guarantee Ever

Lab coat guarantees were not created equally. If you spend the time required to compare guarantees or exchange and return policies, you’ll find that all uniform suppliers specify how many days you have following receipt of the merchandise to return it for repair or replacement, refund or exchange. That certainly is reasonable. But the length of time you have to send in the return does vary considerably, as does the policy on who pays for the associated shipping costs. The number of days the company is willing to stand behind their product and the cost of shipping it back, if that’s necessary, depends on the supplier you choose. If you believe the confidence a supplier has in their lab coat is reflected in their return policy, you should know which company offers the Best Lab Coat Guarantee Ever, and which ones don’t.

Since the time of Hippocrates, a tradition has existed among physicians of not charging for treatment of fellow physicians or their families. It is known as “professional courtesy.” When Medelita was founded by a Physician Assistant in 2008, the founder extended that concept to include her company’s lab coats and doctor’s scrubs by creating the Professional Courtesy Guarantee™. If a Medelita lab coat or set of doctor’s scrubs doesn’t meet someone’s expectations, they can return them for repair or replacement – within one year from the date their order was received. Medelita also offers free exchanges and returns – within 180 days from the date of purchase. There are, of course, certain reasonable conditions and requirements associated with these policies. For example, to receive free shipping on the return, the company must be notified within 30 days. All the relevant policies regarding repair, replacement, exchanges, returns and shipping are available on the Medelita website.

We have been unsuccessful at finding any other lab coat or doctor’s scrubs supplier with a comparable guarantee on their uniforms. In fact, we haven’t found anything approaching it. The norm is 30 days. A few offer 60 days. The handling of shipping costs vary, with many assigning responsibility for shipping costs related to returns to the customer.

The Medelita Professional Courtesy Guarantee™ established a new standard for the medical apparel industry that, to our knowledge, no other company has attempted to match. Obviously, that says a great deal about the confidence Medelita has in their lab coats and doctor’s scrubs. For those who wonder why that is, perhaps the best answer can be found in the numerous, persuasive, unsolicited testimonials from clinicians viewable on their website. The Medelita Professional Courtesy Guarantee™ also says a great deal about both the company’s commitment to service and its philosophy of treating customers as colleagues.