Best Lab Coats in Gilbert, AZ

  • Purchase lab coats in Gilbert from a trusted retailer with confidence. Medelita ships lab coats, medical scrubs and other medical apparel to Gilbert, AZ.
  • Medelita will supply logo service for following hospitals and medical centers in Gilbert area:
  1. Banner Gateway Medical Center
  2. Cornerstone Pediatric Urgent Care
  3. East Valley Pediatrics
  4. Gilbert Hospital
  5. Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
  6. Sonora Quest Laboratories
  7. Warner Vista Animal Hospital P.C.
  • Please let us know if your facility is not on this list.
  • Medelita offers sophisticated stylish lab coats for women that present a professional style and feminine look.
  • Discover our collection of blazer style labcoats for men a sophisticated alternative to the ubiquitous white doctor coat.
  • Look for Medelita at some of the major medical conferences in the United States displaying our collection of quality medical scrubs and labcoats. You may place an order with us online or call us via 1-877-987-7979.
Medelita offers physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dentists and veterinarians the affordable labcoats of the highest quality. Lab coats may be embroidered with hospital logos, practice logos, name and titles and a wide array of caduceus.