Best Lab Coats in New Orleans, LA

  • Purchase lab coats in New Orleans, LA  from a trusted retailer with confidence. Medelita ships lab coats, medical scrubs and other medical apparel to New Orleans.
Medelita will supply logo service for hospitals and medical centers in New Orleans:
  1. Children's Hospital of New Orleans
  2. Lakeland Medical Center - New Orleans East, Louisiana.
  3. Lindy Boggs Medical Center - New Orleans, Louisiana.
  4. Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans (MCLNO) – New Orleans, Louisiana.
  5. Charity Hospital – New Orleans, Louisiana.
  6. University Hospital – New Orleans, Louisiana.
  7. Ochsner Baptist Medical Center - New Orleans, Louisiana.
  8. Touro Infirmary - New Orleans, Louisiana.
  9. Tulane University Medical Center - New Orleans, Louisiana.
  10. VA Medical Center of New Orleans
Medelita offers physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dentists and veterinarians the best quality lab coats at affordable prices.  Lab coats may be embroidered with hospital logos, practice logos, name and titles and a wide array of caduceus.