Lapel Coats

If lapel coats is the search term you entered and you’re looking for lab coats, one medical apparel company in particular shares your interest in such sophisticated design elements – Medelita / . Medelita features gender specific lab coat collections that include a variety of lapels, collars, pockets, lengths and back details. The women’s collection of lapel coats from Medelita includes seven models. Each one has feminine, modern lapels particularly appropriate for women of high achievement.
  • The Callia, the company’s original, 38” length signature lab coat, features feminine rounded lapels.
  • The Ellody is a 34” length version of the elegant Callia.
  • The Elizabeth B. is a new 28” length lab coat featuring rounded lapels similar to those found on the Callia.
  • The Estie iPad lab coat has a 38” length and features feminine notched lapels. Its pockets conveniently accommodate an iPad.
  • The newest women’s lab coat from Medelita is the 36” length Emma W. It is particularly stylish with its elegant tuxedo style collar and lapels.
As further testimony to the commitment Medelita has to styling details, consider what many consider to be the most flattering dental specific lapel coats ever designed for women.
  • The Elsie G. is an especially smart looking 32’ length lab coat featuring a modern stand-up collar designed to meet OSHA requirements.
  • The Lucy H. T. lab coat is a tasteful, feminine 34” length that’s also designed to meet OSHA requirements. It features a signature Medelita rounded collar.
The men’s collection by Medelita Men’s offers four lapel coats in a variety of lengths and lapels. Three models are designed specifically for clinicians seeking exquisite hand sewn refinement in a comfortable, functional, breathable, 100% cotton fabric with a more sophisticated appearance.
  • Their 44” inch knee-length lab coat with notched lapels, the Osler, has a tailored, distinguished look with a blazer-like fit.
  • The Laennec iPad lab coat with similar notched lapels offers the same crisp, clean and prestigious look and fit as the Osler but in a 40” standard length. Adding to its functionality are pockets designed to accommodate an iPad.
  • The 30” Fleming lab coat with notched lapels is ideal for those who prefer to wear a consultation or student length lab coat. It offers the same blazer-like fit and finish as the Osler and Laennec.
  • Their 40” length lab coat, ergonomically designed especially to comfortably accommodate the physical requirements of dentists and dental surgeons, is called the Fauchard. It has a sophisticated collar specifically designed to comply with OSHA requirements. It’s a uniquely refined high collar that can be closed at the neck.
The emphasis here has been on lapels and collars, but those who value the impact of those design elements will be equally impressed with the attention to detail Medelita places on the design of pockets, and backs, as well as the elegance, comfort and functionality of its fabrics. For those who recognize how a properly designed, fitted and finished lapel coat can enhance one’s appearance and initial impression, the men’s and women’s collections from Medelita certainly seem worthy of your consideration. The reviews from your peers posted on their website appear to attest to that recommendation.