Breanne Wiekamp, PA-S

Breanne Wiekamp is a Physician Assistant Student at the University of Charleston in West Virginia. Originally from Orange County, California, Bre completed her undergrad at Seattle Pacific University where she was also active as a student-athlete. Before she began her journey in PA School, Bre worked as a medical scribe in primary care. When she isn't working or studying you can find Bre enjoying time in the outdoors, being active, baking, or spend time with friends and family.

In her own words,

"The thing I look forward to the most about being a future PA is serving the community. What I love about being a student is being able to go into the classroom and learn everyday and knowing I am learning the knowledge and skills that will help me care for my patient's the best way possible. The biggest challenge I have faced is learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. The medical field presents a lot of uncomfortable events in your life-locations, schedules, colleagues, workload, life, and death. I am learning with time that these uncomfortable situations are what are allowing me to grow the most. 

Professional style is more than just what you wear to work/school every day. It's about being confident in your appearance. Often times, the patient's first impression of you is your style. Also, your professional style is a way to express your personality and who you are. It is also about comfort and efficiency. You want professional attire that you can work well in and that will not restrain you from performing certain activities."

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