Match 2017 Resident Giveaway and Discount

Match Day takes place on the third Friday of March each year. On this day, thousands of medical students across the country will open their envelopes to learn the results of the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). For many students, this much-anticipated letter contains some of the most important information they will ever receive.

The NRMP, which coordinates and organizes the processes for medical students and residency programs, estimates that 2017 will have the largest Main Residency Match in history, surpassing even last year's Match which resulted in about 30,000 residency positions for students at about 4,800 differeny residency programs.

Says Mona M. Signer, President and CEO of NRMP, "Match Week is an exciting rite of passage in the lives of medical students. Years of hard work and dedication have led to this defining moment, and it is our privilege to share in this life-changing event."

To celebrate and honor medical students around the country who are eagerly awaiting to hear which residency program they will be spending the next few yearsof their lives, Medelita is hosting a weeklong giveaway for Match Week 2017. 


match week giveaway

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