Maura Jones, MD

Maura Jones is a soon-to-be graduate of Louisiana State University School of Medicine. She will begin her residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology in California this summer, 2018. Maura is passionate about women's health, advocacy, and increasing diversity in healthcare. In addition to her studies, she enjoys using her social media platforms and blog as a source of guidance, mentorship, and inspiration for others interested in medicine coming from a disadvantaged background. Outside of Medicine Maura enjoys traveling, spending time with her puppy Bella, blogging, cooking, and spending time with her family/friends.

In her own words,

"My favorite thing about working in Obstetrics and Gynecology is the doctor patient relationship. It is much more intimate in obgyn because we are involved in our patients best and worst moments. We spend time building excitement and getting to know them up until the delivery. However we also are a source of strength and compassion when things don’t go exactly as planned. We see our patients through some of their worst moments. Obgyn also is an amazing field for advocacy and really allows one to be an advocate on multiple levels for women’s rights and access to care.

The biggest challenge has been navigating medicine as a minority female, and overcoming feelings of imposter syndrome or that I don’t belong. My journey in medical school has taught me though that if I am there, not to doubt myself, because I’m just as capable, just as smart, and just as talented as everyone else. In choosing obgyn the biggest challenge has been others, especially men, trying to discourage me to choose a more 'family friendly' specialty. However, I’ve come to realize that my career doesn’t limit who I am. I can be a great physician, mother, and wife."

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