Medelita® Announced as Winner of 2012 Univator Award for Product Innovation

San Clemente, CA (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

Medelita® is an industry pioneer of high-quality performance lab coats and scrubs for both men and women. This week, Uniform Market News named Medelita as a winner of the 2012 Univator Awards for Product Innovation. As Uniform Market News states, the Univator Awards recognize innovation within the uniform industry and serve as a reminder that, even in times of economic upheaval, companies both large and small can still improve.

Steve Jobs, known as one of the most innovative CEOs of all time, once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Medelita embodies this mantra, and the small startup company has found the key to success through simplistic and intuitive innovation of the medical apparel industry - including their new line of dental lab coats for which they were honored with the award.

While Steve Jobs fueled innovation in the personal computing industry, Medelita continues to fuel innovation in a medical apparel industry typically defined by low-cost, low-value commodity - with stylish and elegant products that represent an upgrade over traditional lab coats and scrubs in every conceivable way. The newly developed line of gender-specific dental lab coats - featuring the Elsie G. lab coat and Lucy H.T. lab coat for women and the Fauchard lab coat for men - offer snap closure to the neck and knit cuff sleeves, consistent with OSHA recommendations. In addition, Medelita dental coats are ergonomically designed to accommodate motion from a seated, arms extended position, a requirement of dental professionals.

As with all Medelita lab coats, the lightweight, 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabric of the dental coats resists wrinkling and is distinctly more breathable and comfortable than polyester blend fabrics. Certified performance fabric by DuPont repels fluid, soil and stains - including blood and the impression material used extensively within the dental industry - maintaining a bright white lab coat that signifies prestige and professionalism.