Medelita Establishes Network of Authorized Uniform Retailers

San Clemente, Calif.,  December 10, 2008medelitatm, maker of breakthrough medical apparel for female clinicians,  announced today that it is assembling a national network of retail uniform  shops that will be authorized to carry the medelita product line. The company  has quickly established itself as one of the pre-eminent brands in medical  apparel by differentiating its garments in several ways. This innovation now  extends to include a marketing program that is unusual within the retail  uniform industry. Prior  to the introduction of the new retail program, medelita was sold exclusively  through its website (  and at medical conferences. However, the garments are so well received by prospective  customers at medical conferences, that it was apparent what needed to be done.  Making the line available to customers in a retail environment is necessary;  however, the executives at medelita were concerned about maintaining the  high-end image of their brand, which they have carefully cultivated. To  ensure that its reputation is maintained, medelita has structured a retail  program that offers select uniform retailers exclusive rights to sell the  medelita line of uniforms within a defined geographic area. In exchange for  those territorial rights, the retailer is obligated to display Medelita in a  designated area of their store. Retailers not only get exclusive rights to sell the medelita line within their trade area, they also benefit from the unusual  profitability of this high-end brand. “When  customers have an opportunity to experience the flattering fit of the medelita  scrubs and lab coats, the enthusiasm for the brand quickly translates into  sales,” says Lara Manchik, founder and chief executive officer, Medelita. “Our  garments designed not only to fit the female body, but to flatter it. At the  same time, the apparel's high performance fabrics are created to accommodate  the endurance test which we call a day at work in health care.” Historically,  uniform retailers had concerns about manufacturers selling directly to the consumer,  affecting channel sales, however, medelita is committed to using its website to  inform customers about its product line and support retail sales with fair  trade pricing. Medelita does not and will not discount their uniforms on their  website, with exceptions for discontinued styles or colors. As the only brand  in the industry to do so, Medelita makes a commitment to work only with  authorized retailers and not through catalog or online discounters. The  program is in the process rolling out in three markets: California, Texas and  Ohio. For information on becoming a member of the Authorized Network of  Medelita Retailers, please contact Joe Francisco at 877-987 7979. About  medelitatm   medelita has one purpose: to reinvent the way  women of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the  highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available,  including lab coats, women’s scrubs and nursing scrubs. Medelita caters to  professional women who want their uniforms to embody the poise and confidence  already displayed from within. For more information, visit our website at or call (877)  987-7979.