Medelita Cleans Up For Earth Day

What can you do to help the environment today?

In this bustling world of gas-guzzling cars, disposable plastic packaging, and unsustainable agriculture practices, we have watched sea levels rise in conjunction with rising global temperatures. They say that one person can make a difference, but that sentiment can be difficult to truly embrace, given the global scale of this predicament. 

Today is Earth Day, a chance for you to consider the myriad ways that your behavior affects our planet. There are many ways to slightly modify your day-to-day life in a way that makes a big impact on the environment. You can read more about simple changes you can make to protect our environment in this article.

At Medelita we are committed to eco-friendly business practices year-round. Our scrubs and lab coats are made with environmentally friendly fabrics, with dyes that will not leach into community water sources. Our M3 lab coat fabric in particular, is made with C6-based sustainable PFOA-free repellence protection (a fancy way of saying that it is super eco-friendly).

As a company we abide by eco-friendly business practices, but we wanted to make a difference on a more personal level. We decided to take advantage of Earth Day to come together as individuals and give back to our community and our environment as a team by taking the afternoon to pick up litter in a local park. 

Check out the pictures below!