Medical Lab Coats

Search for medical lab coats on the internet and 3 themes are immediately apparent:
  • Numerous companies are selling the exact same medical lab coats
  • Those medical lab coats are very similar in their quality levels
  • One company has reinvented the medical lab coat
The most successful clinicians build their practice offering superior patient care. They recognize that patient care includes numerous aspects of the patient’s overall experience. Among them, in addition to positive outcomes from treatment, are scheduling, response times to phone calls, and the appearance of the medical staff. The fashion, fit and function of medical lab coats can be one of the simplest yet most impactful means of communicating a message of high quality, sophistication, and discriminating standards. Prior to 2008, premium medical lab coats made with performance fabrics, handcrafted tailoring and gender specific standard apparel sizing were not available. That year, however, Medelita introduced the first of a new class of medical lab coats. Today, an extensive assortment of premium medical lab coats is available from Medelita – for those who recognize and appreciate the contribution superior appearance can play in making a favorable impression to patients, colleagues and staff.