Merije Chukumerije, MD

Dr. Merije Chukumerije is a cardiovascular medicine physician in Los Angeles, where he is the first Black cardiology fellow in his program here in Los Angeles. Dr. Chukumerije has always had a passion for health and fitness, making it easy to pursue his professional interests including sports and exercise cardiology. Outside of medicine, he is a licensed realtor and real estate investor, as well as an advocate for financial literacy in the medical field.

In his own words,

"As heart disease remains the number one killer in the world, the role of the cardiologist will continue to be more and more imperative. The cardiologist should focus not only on heart disease management, but on preventative medicine as well.

The role I have in patient care is fascinating to me. Unlike most other specialties, I feel that everyone can use a cardiologist at some point in their life. Whether the child with congenital defects, the young adult with symptomatic arrhythmias or structural heart disease, or the older individuals with coronary disease, to the healthy individual who wants to remain that way; I can have a role in everyone's health well-being. Cardiology also allows for versatility, invasive as well as noninvasive management allows for all interest to be catered to. The biggest challenge of my career in medicine has been trying to learn all the information necessary to appropriately treat all these patients that may show up in my hospital. Doing so while being a minority in the field does not make things any easier."

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