Metro Health Hospital Receives Four Award Recognitions For Exceptional Care

The Women's Choice Awards recently presented Metro Health Hospital with four awards this year for providing exceptional care to patients.

Each year more than a quarter of a million patients pass through the halls of the 208-bed hospital, which serves several West Michigan communities. The award-winning hospital has more than 500 physicians on the payroll who provide care through a comprehensive suite of specialty health services. Inpatient and outpatient care is offered at a growing number of locations with community resources such as neighborhood outpatient centers, student health clinics, and community clinics for underserved populations.

The four Women's Choice Awards for 2016 gave much-deserved recognition for the Metro Health Medical Group's commitment to the promotion of health and wellness and providing exceptional care and treatment to patients.

About the Women's Choice Awards

The Women's Choice Awards empower women to make informed healthcare decisions by recognizing the nation's best hospitals. The winners are decided based on robust criteria including clinical excellence and patient satisfaction from a female perspective. In 2015, the awards themselves were honored as one of America's fastest-growing private companies.  

Metro Health has received four honors from the Women's Choice Awards this year, including: 

  • 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience
  • Best Hospitals for Emergency Care
  • Best Hospitals for Obstetrics
  • Best Hospitals for Orthopedics 

Hospitals are awarded given based on scores derived from HCAHPS surveys reported to the CMS. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) databases are used to identify the 100 best hospitals for patient experience based on recommendations from patients, excellence in communication, and hospital cleanliness.  

Hospitals are judged for excellence in emergency care based on the average time it takes for a patient with chest pain to receive an ECG, the average time spent in the ED before a patient is seen by a healthcare professional, the average time it takes for a patient to be admitted to the hospital from the ED, and the percentage of patients with symptoms of stroke who receive a brain scan within 45 minutes of arriving at the ED.

The award for best hospitals for obstetrics takes into account HCAHPS survey data and an above-average national ranking in the rates of elective deliveries before the pregnancy is full term. The best hospitals for orthopedics are awarded based on patient recommendations, postsurgical recovery, and the percentage of patients who develop postoperative infections and complications.  

By focusing on issues that matter most to women, the Women's Choice Awards offer a unique evidence-based measure that enables women to make smart choices when it comes to their family's health. Women are healthcare decision makers in 90 percent of households. The awards offer a trustworthy source for women making these incredibly critical decisions.

"We are a source that shares your priorities and values," says Delia Passi, CEO of the awards.

The Women's Choice Awards recognize hospitals with proven excellence in patient experience. Mike Faas, CEO and president of Metro Health, says the hospital is happy to be counted among the nation's best. The goal is to provide a healthcare environment that welcomes every member of a family and offers the highest quality care. The 2016 awards not only recognize the efforts of the staff at Metro Health, but also indicate that the needs of the community are being met.