Mike Muellner, MD

Dr. Mike Muellner is an attending physician from Los Angeles, California. He is passionate about staying active and getting outdoors any chance he has to go surfing, hiking, or just enjoying a day out in the sunshine! Dr. Mike also hopes to serve as an inspiration for those seeking to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

In his own words,

"While internal medicine is a very broad specialty and touches on all aspects of adult health, the focus is primarily on treating ailments of the internal organs. Because illnesses leading to organ damage are very serious and potentially life-threatening, much of my work is devoted to patients in the hospital setting where I have the most advanced technology available to support my patients through the most critical phase of their illnesses. 

I love the process of investigation and detective work that comes with diagnosing and treating disease. It is very rewarding to pick up on subtle clues during the physical examination or to use information gained from blood tests and imaging studies to figure out what is causing a patient's symptoms and how best to treat him/her. 

This process of investigation can be extremely challenging. Patients don't always fit the mold of the clinical syndromes we learn about in medical school. Sometimes there are grey areas and the ultimate diagnosis remains unclear. This is where clinical experience and teamwork come into play. Multiple different doctors from a wide array of specialties must work together to formulate the optimal treatment plan."

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