My Experience At Medelita Headquarters [Guest Post]

One of the many things that makes Medelita an exceptional company is the positive and overwhelmingly vibrant work environment. A company is only as great as its employees, and Medelita is privileged to have a team of such talented and passionate individuals working together to make our brand amazing. That's something that we don't take for granted.

Here's an outside perspective from a visitor who recently spent a week at Medelita headquarters. 

Hi, my name is Teddy. I am 15 years old and very much intimidated by the prospect of soon having to choose a profession. At least, that’s how I felt before. Recently, I took the chance to visit Medelita and was surprised by the experience. I wanted to take a look into the future and see what it means to have a job. Many kids my age are so skeptical and concerned about remaining undecided on their profession. What I discovered is that so many change their career path, and some don’t find it until the right door opens.

"Medelita is a playground for creativity"

From the moment you walk into Headquarters, you are greeted by the modern and well­-crafted feel of the company, and it’s quite apparent that the feeling exuding from Medelita is different than most. This is not your stereotypical grey and worn­out workplace environment. It’s a colorful scene filled with determined people and diverse minds. Medelita is a playground for creativity; the environment is super friendly and you can see many working alongside their canine companions. I was intrigued, yet overjoyed.

Medelita Dog Friendly

During my visit, I was so privileged with the opportunity to interview the Medelita team. Meeting so many talented adults, was an inside scoop on life. I learned their passions, favorite color, advice to their past self, what word they would describe themselves with, and more. It may seem like insignificant information, but what I got out of it was really something.

"It’s quite apparent that the feeling exuding from Medelita is different than most."

Aside from green being the most popular color there, I discovered that many team members would tell their 15­-year-­old self to listen to their parents more (seems silly to me). More importantly they would tell young people like me not to worry about it being too late to choose a pathway. I heard that careers arise from anything, and if you have passion, you need to follow it.

The amazing thing is everyone had a different reason for being there, but they all took pride in the work that they did and the brand that they work for. Even better, they all came from different backgrounds and had varied “dream jobs” as children, but found a profession equally as rewarding, and that’s something to be proud of.

Medelita Best Place To Work

One thing I learned for sure is that if you follow opportunity and skill down the road of passion, you’ll find happiness in your work. Medelita is a perfect example; the heart of the company is fueled by a passion in the medical field. Lara Francisco fueled her passion for providing care, towards the very skilled professionals who provide care. It’s so important to know to follow your heart and use your head. Instead of knowing what you want to do in life, think about what you want from your life, then take action. All of the amazing workers at Medelita have really set the example for me as what I want in life: a mission, not a job, that is ran by raw passion and a family that shares the same dream.

About the author:

Teddy Moisa is a 15 year old sophomore at Mountain House High School in Tracey, CA. She is a passionate leader as well as a musician; a talented viola player. In her free time, Teddy enjoys biking, reading, and listening to music.