National Women Physicians Day: White Coat Memories

In the weeks leading up to 2017 National Women Physicians Day we have invited women in medicine, as well as their family and peers, to share their white coat stories with us.

We would like to thank everyone who sent in a white coat story this week. After reviewing a number of wonderful submissions, our judges have selected Dr. Karen Yeter as the Week One Winner of our White Coat Contest.

by Karen Yeter MD

Little girl with the high voice
Afraid of the world
Scared and shy
Hiding behind her mother’s skirts
Fearful to speak her mind.
Terrified of what people think.
Insecure in her abilities and intelligence,
Afraid that people do not want to hear her little voice.
Then one day, she puts on that magic cape.
That magic cape which allows her to speak.
Allows her to talk a little louder,
To give her opinion,
To share her thoughts,
To be self confident in her knowledge.
The knowledge she has spent years attaining,
The knowledge she has to help save people’s lives.
Funny, how that piece of white fabric fashioned into a long coat
Can act as a magic cape
To change that little girl.
About the author:
Karen Yeter MD is a practicing rheumatologist living and working in the Bay Area. 

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