Nina Kumar, DDS

I obtained my education at the New York College of Dentistry and extended my training at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, which involved a full year of intensive study. As a dentist in New York since 2006, I worked in an array of settings from clinics serving underserved populations to higher end, cosmetically-driven practices. This allowed me to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable clinician with experience in all dental specialties. I went on to start my own dental practice in 2009, Nina Kumar, DDS, and most recently, received a faculty appointment at Mount Sinai Hospital as a Assistant Clinical Professor. In my practice, I have the ability to focus on preventive dentistry, conveying the virtue of early detection and intervention to all my patients. Ultimately, I hope to instill the importance of oral health in my patients and the communities I serve, empowering them with knowledge and understanding. We spend a great deal of care in creating a warm and friendly environment for our patients, starting with our informative website, to the time spent in the chair discussing treatment options, to of course the care we take in the quality of treatment we provide. Our communications via social media has become an integral part of this. Engaging my patients personally is incredibly compelling & meaningful, however, providing continual sources of education and resources to my patients via social media is fascinating for my staff and I. We are able to expand our reach beyond the walls of our office and provide pieces of information that may inspire our patients and others to be more vigilant with their dental hygiene, even possibly compel a phone call to make a check up appointment, or even spark a conversation with a colleague or friend about dentistry.