Nouha Hassan, Nursing Student

Nouha Hassan is a BSN student who will be graduating this summer in August of 2017. After graduation, her goal is to pursue her Masters in Nursing as a nurse practitioners. Nouha is currently a board member for the Student Nurses Association, and is employed full-time in a multi-specialist clinic and ambulatory surgery center.

Nouha has stood out as a leader among her classmates and peers for her efforts and acheivements. Last year she was recognized as the 2016 Michigan Specialty Clinic Employee of the Year, as well as being a Dean's List and Honor Roll student. Most importantly, she has a unique ability to relate and collaborate with physicians, surgeon, nurses, health care professionals and students alike. 

In Nouha's own words:

"Nursing is an extremely challenging but rewarding career. This field takes seriously dedicated and motivated person to succeed. It is important to be able to empathize with others, and communicate on various levels. I am bilingual, speaking English and Arabic fluently. Medicine is a language all on its own that allows us to communicate on unique level."

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