NrG Lab Coats

NrG Lab Coats are now available at the Medelita Marketplace Medelita recognizes there could be instances where the premium quality lab coat collections from Medelita and Medelita Mens may not be appropriate for every member of the medical staff. There may, for example, be clinicians who do not require sophisticated designs in hand-sewn lab coats with soft, breathable, subtly textured, certified performance fabrics that are soil, stain and fluid resistant. For precisely those situations Medelita has created the Marketplace, a section of their website that offers the best alternate choices from the best brands on the market. The 41 lab coats featured in the Medelita Marketplace, in addition to those designed and tailored by Medelita, have been tested by Medelita staff members and only those styles that have met their rigorous standards are available for purchase on their website. You simply won’t find a more qualified selection anywhere else. As they note on their website, “If it fits well, is comfortable, and worth purchasing – it’s in the Medelita Marketplace. No exceptions.” The Marketplace can be a terrific time saver. It’s also the perfect complement to the premium lab coats designed by Medelita. Medelita is proud to include NrG Lab Coats among its carefully chosen “Best of the Best” selections. The NrG Lab Coat featured on the Marketplace is available in 1 style for women and a wide range of sizes. The NrG Lab Coat chosen is an attractive lab coat with a modest price. For anyone seeking a lab coat, this NrG Lab Coat deserves careful consideration.