Pamela Mehta, MD

Dr. Pamela Mehta founded and runs her own private practice, practicing among the 5% of female orthopedic surgeons in private one of the very few female Orthopedic Surgeons in private practice. She is also the mother to 2 toddler boys and is passionate about female advocacy, particularly when it pertains to equality in medicine and the workforce. In her free time Pamela loves to try out new fitness studios and travel with her husband and kids.

In her own words,

"The field of orthopedic surgery is very male dominated, so as a female you have to work that much harder for the opportunities that men are handed in my field. I think I have a voice that should be heard as one of the few females in my specialty, and I love helping women advocate for themselves in medicine and giving them guidance in starting their own practice as I did."

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