Paul Hanna, PA-S

Paul Hanna is a current PA student whose life has revolved around medicine ever since he was a child. Growing up in a family of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists inspired his love of serving others and helping those in need. His leadership experience includes being Class President for the LLU PA 2020 class, and the Winner of the Philanthropist award for raising over $8000 for breast cancer during his undergraduate studies.

Outside of medicine, Paul enjoys soccer, beach trips, surfing, hiking, and weight lifting. 

In his own words,

"I moved from Egypt with one goal: to become a medical provider in the US, as this is where my father was treated and cured of his cancer. My goals are to serve the community here, as well as to go on mission trips in Africa after graduation. My favorite thing about working in medicine as an EMT before starting PA school was the connections I made with my patients, as well as the times we made a difference as a team of medical providers, working to change patients lives for the better."

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