Pia Babao Guballa, MS3

Pia Babao Guballa is a 27-year-old MD-MBA student who calls California, Chiba (Japan), and Manila (Philippines) home. Pia is student of medicine and history with an undergraduate minor in Hispanic studies. She is passionate about cultural heritage and loves to share what she can about Filipino culture, be it through describing the heartiness of food, the narratives of the past, or the paintings, sculptures, and structures that remain. A follower of art and heart, Pia's interests range from travel, food, photography, literature, visual arts, architecture, health, wellness, and beauty.

In her own words,

"The biggest challenge in medicine in best summed up by three words now made a beautiful string of narratives by compassionate medical professionals on twitter:Those we carry (@thosewecarry or #thosewecarry). The most difficult part of life in medicine is witnessing the loss and pain that people go through- both patients and their families. Their stories, their lives, are what we carry with us as medical professionals. It is a challenge, yes, but always also such a humbling blessing to be allowed to be part of people's lives. What remains important is that we remain open to the stories, to allowing ourselves to feel, and honor those from whom we learn. Those we carry are why we wake up each morning striving to be better at what we do. 

Professional style and how you carry yourself matters so much in medicine- the confidence with which you carry yourself and the professionalism you exude makes all the difference in how patients and those you work with respond to you. Professional style- how you look- is the first thing a patient sees. I always seek to look the best that I can for them, because I know this makes a difference in how open they will be to me and how much they trust me. I would want them to know- I look my best because I will try my best to do everything I can for them."

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