PMG's Visit To Medelita Headquarters

Last month we were honored to be involved with the creation of the first National Women's Physician Day, thanks to the lovely ladies over at Physician Moms Group. The first NWPD was a massive success, with thousands of women in medicine across the globe celebrating their accomplishments and chipping away at the gender barrier that has long obstructed women from entering the field of medicine. 

To thank the women of PMG for letting us participate in such a huge way, we invited PMG founder and Medelita HIP Ambassador Hala Sabry, and PMG member Dina Seif, to visit the Medelita headquarters. Sabry and Seif spent the afternoon with Lara Francisco, founder of Medelita and licensed PA-C, bonding over lunch and shopping for new lab coats. 

Says Francisco, 

"The original intention of Medelita was to create ergonomic, comfortable, professional garments specifically for female clinicians. A tweak on the unisex scrubs we’ve all worn, in a way that no one had ever done before. Spending the day with Hala and Dina was an opportunity to get back to those roots, to focus on women in medicine only, and to celebrate the obstacles, the courage, and achievements of the 50,000 physician moms active within her organization. To be a small part of such a groundbreaking organization, to learn of and to celebrate our similarities, to hear ideas of what’s to come with PMG in the future – it was quite the inspirational day. Hala and Dina both are an absolute joy to be with – always smiling, so easy to be with, so enthusiastic. The whole experience solidified why I originally started Medelita and what I truly wanted it to be about – celebrating women in medicine. Thank you, Hala, for that opportunity."