Premium Lab Coats

Simply stated, premium lab coats possess attributes standard lab coats do not. Included among those attributes for premium lab coats are:
  • fabric made from 100% high quality cotton
  • fabric treatments that repel grime, stains, fluids and wrinkling
  • gender specific designs
  • flattering designs achieved by shaping the garment
  • traditional apparel sizing to enhance the fit
  • sophisticated styling of collars, pockets, and backs
  • hand tailoring
  • exquisite custom logo embroidery
One medical apparel company we’ve found that incorporates all of these attributes and more in their premium lab coats is Medelita / . A visit to their website reveals separate collections of premium lab coats, one for men, one for women, using a special, proprietary, brushed, pristine white, 100% premium cotton fabric which, in addition to all the attributes above, has a subtle texture. That texture creates interest and catches light in a way that further enhances the brightness of the coat. Each model of premium lab coats, no matter what the length, embodies the attention to detail that can only be achieved in a premium lab coat by talented designers and hand tailoring. Finishing the coat with embroidery from an in-house embroidery department producing logos that has been described as “a three dimensional work of art,” the premium lab coats from Medelita have established a benchmark other premium lab coats can be measured against.