Medelita Introduces the Emma W. Lab Coat for Women

Medelita, a performance lab coat and scrubs manufacturer, introduces the Emma W. women's lab coat, an elegant and tailored new addition to their line of popular gender-specific lab coats for women and men.

Why To Invest In Quality Lab Coats?

The most basic argument on why to invest in quality lab coats is the difference it can make, not only in your appearance, but in your presence – with patients, peers, and staff.

Unisex lab coats

Medelita offers gender specific collections of lab coats as well as marketplace for vendors offering unisex styles of various lengths and designs.

iPad lab coats

Designer lab coats with pockets big enough to fit iPad or another tablet. Medelita makes highly functional lab coats for physicians, dentists and other medical professionals.

Fluid resistant lab coats

Buy fluid resistant and stain resistant lab coats online. Medelita makes all lab coats from 100% cotton treated with Teflon coating from Dupont to make it water and blood repellent.

Fashion Lab Coats

Buy high fashion designer lab coats from Medelita medical apparel online store. Men's and women's styles with modern cut, hand-sewn and tailored to fit true sizes like a suit or a blazer.