Engraved lab coats

Personalized and Embroidered lab coats by Medelita offer high attention to detail and can be customized with organization logos, names and titles.

Cuffed sleeve lab coats

Cuffed sleeve lab coats designed for dentists and dental surgeons include high collars and snap closure for OSHA compliance. Performance fabric with Teflon coating and other innovative features by Medelita.

NrG Lab Coats

NrG Lab Coats from Medelita Marketplace at great prices with free shipping on orders over $100. Embroidery and custom logo digitization service available.

Meta Lab Coats

Medelita has a fine selection of Meta lab coats by White Swan. Great variety of short and long premium medical coats at competitive prices and great deals on shipping and embroidery.

Koi Lab Coats

New Koi Lab Coat is now available at the Medelita Marketplace. Koi Lab Coats are offered in 6 different styles and a great range of sizes.

Jockey Lab Coats

Buy Jockey Lab Coats and consultation coats at Medelita Marketplace. 5$ flat rate shipping. orders over $100 ship free both ways.

Fundamental Lab Coats

Buy Fundamental Lab Coats, White Classics and WS Gear by White Swan at Medelita Marketplace. Free Shipping on orders over $100.

85 Poly 15 Cotton Lab Coats

85% polyester / 15% cotton blended lab coats are available at Medelita Marketplace in addition to 100 percent cotton lab coats.

Full Coverage Lab Coats

Full Length Lab Coats for physicians, dentists and other medical professionals made by Medelita with soft, breathable, 100% cotton, certified performance fabric with its extraordinary ability to repel soils, stains and fluids.

Science Lab Coats

We believe that anyone in the market for science lab coats would be well served by visiting the Medelita website.