Lapel Coats

Medelita features gender specific lab coat collections that include a variety of lapels, collars, pockets, lengths and back details.

Full Length Lab Coats

Full length lab coats made by Medelita are well known for being comfortable, soft, anti-wrinkle and fluid resistant.

Custom Logo Lab Coats

Medelita is a company that has built its business upon exceptional custom fabrics uniquely suited for custom logo lab coats

Custom Labwear

Custom labwear can most easily be achieved by selecting premium quality lab coats from a company not only known for the quality of their lab coats but also the quality of their embroidery.

Cotton Lab Coats

The principal reasons cotton lab coats are preferred is the softness and breathability of the natural fiber compared to a synthetic.

Consultation Lab Coats

Buy Consultation Lab Coats and short lab coats from online shop in California, USA.

Brandname Labcoats

What most people mean when they say brandname labcoat is a leading, premier,or premium brand of lab coat. Discover Medelita Brand Name.

Big and tall labcoats

Here you’ll find the best offerings from the other top medical apparel brands including an even wider assortment of big and tall labcoats.

Healthcare Lab Coats

Medelita healthcare lab coats are hand sewn and immediately recognizable for their superior quality.

Top Hospital Lab Coats

More institutions each year are purchasing hospital lab coats and scrubs that provide comfort and durability as well as a dramatically enhanced appearance.