Residency Programs For Medical School Seniors

Applications for residency programs are typically submitted in the senior year of medical school. Here we have listed the 46 primary first year residency programs available in the U.S., in alphabetical order.

Applying For A Medical Fellowship

A medical fellowship is the next stage of training for medical school graduates who have already completed a residency and have chosen to specialize in a specialty or sub-specialty of medicine that requires additional post-graduate instruction beyond a residency

Medelita Military Discount Program

Medelita offers special discounts for military servicemen and servicewomen through its Military Discount Program

Applying For A Medical Residency

A medical residency is the next stage of training for individuals who've earned a medical degree. It’s a form of post-graduate instruction supervised by a fully licensed physician practicing in a specific branch of medicine within a hospital or clinic.

Medelita Supports National Physician Assistant Week

Premier medical apparel company recognizes the critical role of PAs in addressing today’s healthcare challenges.

How To Embroider Your Logo On Lab Coats

If the logo you wish to use is not already on file, these are the steps required to create the digital file your new custom logo. This article covers all embroidery options available at

Couple Transforms Women’s Lab Coat From Commodity To Featured Item

The real issue is not that a women’s lab coat from Medelita is so expensive, because it’s not. Given the quality, it’s actually an exceptional value. The issue is the commoditized generic lab coats they’re being compared to, which are so ridiculously cheap, but understandably so. As they say, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Choices In Embroidered Lab Coats

Medelita is a medical apparel company that approaches design with a philosophy diametrically opposed to the low cost dictates of the industry. Medelita embroidered lab coats are designed for fashion, fit, functionality, and durability.