Marketing The Best Men’s Lab Coat – “Just Try It On”

The best men’s lab coats – what company makes them in the opinion of those who actually wear them? Review just a portion of the unsolicited testimonials, reviews and ratings from physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners available on Medelita website.

Women’s Lab Coats – The Original Plan

The original plan may have been to solve one very specific problem, but in the course of doing so a new paradigm was created for the medical apparel industry – premium, hand tailored, designer lab coats and scrubs sold directly to clinicians.

Men’s Lab Coats & American Entrepreneurship

The following list touches upon some of the fundamental changes Medelita introduced to the appreciation of male and female clinicians around the world.

Lab Coats & First Impressions

Lab coats are what patients look for to distinguish clinicians from everyone else who works in medicine.

The Best Lab Coat Guarantee Ever

Medelita Professional Courtesy Guarantee. Why Medelita offers superior customer service. See details of our shipping, exchange and return policy.

Medical Clothing

medical clothing trends and outlook. Medelita innovations and leadership in the manufacturing of the highest quality medical scrubs and lab coats.

Best Embroidered Lab Coats

The main differences in embroidery and logo services among lab coat manufacturers and re-sellers. The advantages of using Medelita in-house embroidery and custom logo digitization service.

Top Advancements In Men’s Scrubs

The advancements in men’s scrubs over the last five years. The list of dramatic improvements in fit, comfort, fashion and functionality.

What Makes The Best Scrubs

The list of attributes one would expect to find in the best quality scrubs today.