Residency Programs For Medical School Seniors

Applications for residency programs are typically submitted in the senior year of medical school. The selection process for both the applicants and the programs is unusually complex because there are, approximately, 46 first year program medical specialties, 26,000 residency positions available annually, with 31,000 medical school seniors worldwide applying for them. Each program and each applicant has different strengths and weaknesses, pluses and minuses. Yet somehow, each residency program’s preferences for applicants and each applicant’s preferences for residency programs must, ideally, be objectively matched so that the best possible pairing for both the applicant and program can be achieved. For most seniors, the preferred venue for matching an applicant’s ranking of residency programs with the program’s ranking of applicants is the Main Residency Match administered by the National Resident Matching Program. There are numerous factors that must be considered by the applicant in choosing which programs they should apply to, but undoubtedly one of the most basic is choosing the medical specialty the candidate wants to pursue. To that end, we have listed below the 46 primary first year residency programs available in the U.S., in alphabetical order.

Anesthesiology Child Neurology Dermatology Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine-Family Medicine Family Medicine Family Medicine-Preventive Medicine Internal Medicine Medicine-Dermatology Medicine-Emergency Medicine Medicine-Family Medicine Medicine-Medical Genetics Medicine-Neurology Medicine-Pediatrics Medicine-Preliminary Medicine-Preventive Medicine Medicine-Primary Medicine-Psychiatry Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Neurological Surgery Neurology Obstetrics-Gynecology Orthopedic Surgery Otolaryngology Pathology

Pediatrics Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Pediatrics-Emergency Medicine Pediatrics-Medical Genetics Pediatrics-P M & R Pediatrics-Preliminary Pediatrics-Primary Peds/Psych/Child Psych Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Plastic Surgery Preventive Medicine Psychiatry Psychiatry-Family Medicine Psychiatry-Neurology Radiation Oncology Radiology-Diagnostic Surgery Surgery-Preliminary Thoracic Surgery Transitional Vascular Surgery