Medelita Announces Retail Partnership With Jeri's Uniforms

Medelita Scrubs & Lab Coats is proud to announce our most recent partnership with esteemed uniform retailer, Jeri’s Uniforms, located in Tucson, AZ.

Jeri’s Uniforms is a proud supplier of uniforms and accessories for all healthcare venues, including entry-level medical education and training programs, and they are also capable of coordinating group orders for a private practice or medical group. Their well-stocked inventory includes a variety of styles in clothing, footwear, and accessories from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Henry Brande, who owns and manages Jeri’s Uniforms alongside his wife, fell in love with Medelita’s concept of high-quality lab coats of distinction before he even saw them. As a former tailor, he had a unique appreciation for all the details that make a Medelita lab coat magnificent: from the fine quality of the fabric, to the colored piping finish on the raw seams, the professional fit, and everything in between.

In May of 2016, Henry ordered 70 Medelita lab coats to sell to his customers in Tucson. Initially his wife, Myra, balked at the higher price point, but as the Medelita coats flew off the shelves she quickly found herself eating her words. The customers at Jeri’s Uniforms seemed to be drawn to the elevated design and quality of the Medelita lab coats, and they found themselves placing two additional orders for lab coats in the following months.

Myra Brande, wife of Henry and co-owner of Jeri’s Uniforms, is enthusiastic about the opportunity to offer Medelita lab coats to their customers: “It just goes to show you, if you make a fine-crafted lab coat that has a smart look with a clean line and also makes you appear to have a slim silhouette, then you just happen to be selling a Medelita lab coat. This kind of product is surprisingly easy to observing the customers reaction to how it fits them, these coats really sells themselves!

About Jeri's Uniforms

Founded in 1948 by a retired nurse, Jeri’s Uniforms was sold in 1985 to Henry Brande, who rescued the company by purchasing it just three months before it had planned to close its doors forever. The business has come a long way since then: at the time of purchase there were only three part-time employees working. Today Jeri’s Uniforms employs a full staff of eleven that includes two monogrammers, two alterations specialists, a silkscreener, and a full team of sales associates skilled in assisting customers with product selections that will fit that customer’s personal taste.

About Medelita

Medelita seeks to reinvent the way women and men of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available.  The premium medical apparel brand offers women’s lab coats, men’s lab coats, embroidered lab coats and gender specific medical scrubs. Medelita caters to medical professionals who want their uniforms to embody the prestige and confidence already displayed from within. For more information, visit or call 877-987-7979.