Rural Healthcare Initiatives Driving Positive Health Outcomes

In a recent health news update, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has announced a government funding initiative thatwill award as many as 21 health care services in rural communities up to $200,000 each annually for three years. Grants from the Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Program aim to significantly reduce the shortage of rural physicians, urging physicians as well as medical students to go rural.

Chief Executive Officer of EmCare Physician Services (EPS) Bill Yarbrough had this to say about the projected impact rural health will have on healthcare entities in this EmCare interview:

In healthcare in general, we’ll see even more consolidation and partnership among health care entities and an increased focus on post-acute care management.Bill Yarbrough, Chief Executive Officer of EmCare Physician Services (EPS)

According to Office of Rural Health Policy rural Americans are unhealthier, and have higher rates of high-risk behaviors such as smoking, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition. The purpose of the Rural Health Care Coordination Network Partnership Program is to support the development of formal, mature rural health networks.

Newly incentivized partnerships are great for the medical community, patient relationships and most importantly - driving forward better health outcomes.