Sandra Oulmas, LME

Sandra Oulmas is an award-winning French medical esthetician. Prior to moving stateside and pursuing a career in medical aesthetics, she formulated cosmetics in a French pharmacy, an experience which proved to be invaluable for the development of her own skincare line, Oulmas Paris. Aside from her passion for beauty, Sandra enjoys fitness and instructs a martial arts class every weekend.

Sandra's many accomplishments speak for themselves, as she has been named to Washingtonian's "14 Favorite Facials" List, named "Best Laser Hair Removal" by CBS DC, and was featured as an eHow Expert in Video Series on Skincare.

In her own words:

"Professional style means looking clean, sharp, and credible. I believe "looking the part" is critical. Especially in the medical field, you want your patients feel at ease, and the fastest way to do that is visually. That first glance of their provider in a crisp, white coat helps them to know that they are in the hands of an expert."

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