A Backordered Apology To Our Customers

To our valued customers:

Over the past several months many of you have experienced extensive delays for the delivery of your Medelita garments that you have ordered through our online store. You know that Medelita scrubs and lab coats are the best available on the market and that they are worth the wait, but we understand that this wait time can be frustrating. For that reason we would like to extend an apology to all our valued customers and assure you that we are diligently working to keep pace with the growing demand for our products.

Medelita stands for quality at every level, from the production and design of our garments to the concierge customer service that we guarantee to all our customers. As such, we have seen tremendous surge in demand for our products, which have been flying off of our shelves. As thrilled as we are to be able to serve more customers than ever before in the history of Medelita, our commitment to excellence can occasionally cause product shortages because we refuse to compromise the quality of our garments as we scale up and accelerate our production.

That being said, we deeply apologize to our customers who have been faced with delays and backorders. We encourage our customers to take comfort in the fact that even as Medelita grows in size and production, you can continue to expect nothing but the absolute best quality when you order Medelita garments.

We are extremely grateful for your continued patience and patronage, and we assure you that we are doing everything in our power to address this issue moving forward.

Thanks for hearing us out!

Best regards,
The Medelita Team