School Labcoat

The school labcoat you receive at your White Coat Ceremony is an important and well-deserved symbol of high achievement. Some medical schools present the school labcoat at the start of medical school. Those are typically the short lab coats most commonly referred to as the student coat or consultation coat. Some medical schools present the school labcoat upon the completion of medical school. Those are typically the longer, thigh-length or knee-length labcoats. Some medical schools do both. Whichever school labcoat you receive, it’s important to understand that to the extent that school labcoat may influence the perception others may have of you, purchasing a premium labcoat of the same length may be an unusually worthwhile investment. Medical school is a demanding time in your life, academically, emotionally and physically. A medical residency is even more demanding with hours worked per week still averaging around 80. Most medical students and residents don’t always have the time to wash their school labcoat on a daily basis. Most medical students and residents solve this problem either by purchasing additional coats and/or purchasing premium labcoats. The benefit of the first solution, additional labcoats, is apparent. The benefit of the second solution, premium labcoats, may not be. Medelita invented the premium lab coat category. The company was founded by a clinician who experienced first-hand the challenges that accompany medical training and practice. Out of her frustration and that of her peers, a new class of medical apparel was created. It was gender specific out of recognition that no garment, even if it was called “unisex,” could possibly fit both a man and a women and fit them both well. It was made from performance fabrics recognizing that the benefits of advanced textile technology were long overdue in their introduction to the field of medical apparel. It possessed the properties of the most advanced fabric treatment technology, endowing it with an ability to repel soiling, staining and fluids, even blood. And it was designed to provide a level of sophistication to what had become a generic commodity. The fashion, fit, functionality and fabrics of Medelita and Medelita Men’s labcoats imbue medical students and physicians with a more refined and sophisticated presence. Numerous studies have documented how enhancing one’s appearance not only raises the impression others have of you, it can actually raise your own performance. For these reasons and many more, you may want to consider the cost/benefit ratio of purchasing premium school labcoats.