Science Lab Coats

Science lab coats were developed more than 100 years ago for the principal purpose of protecting scientists. The styling of the coat changed little over that time period. In 2008 however, a new medical apparel company was launched that has begun to make significant innovations in both the styling and function of today’s science lab coats. That company is Medelita.

The styling innovations include:
  • gender specific models.
  • standard apparel sizing scales for men and women.
  • fashion considerations to the styling of collars, lapels, pockets and backs.
  • improved fit through shaping and advanced pattern making.
  • subtly textured pristine white fabric.
The function innovations include:
  • performance fabrics for improved durability.
  • use of high tech textile treatments to improve fabric functionality.
  • wrinkle, soil, stain and fluid resistance.
  • 100% cotton for softness, comfort and breathability.
  • ergonomic designs to facilitate comfort and movement.

As a consequence of establishing all these new benchmarks, a new class of science lab coats was created – premium science lab coats. We believe anyone in the market for science lab coats would be well served by visiting the Medelita website. There they’ll see science lab coats that go well beyond the features listed above. Anyone in the market owes it to themselves to at least become familiar with what we suspect will in time, for very practical reasons, become the new standard within the industry.