Seth Burnette, PA-S

Seth Burnette is a PA student at the University of Kentucky. He about to start his rotational year and is looking forward to graduating the summer of 2019. Seth grew up in a small town, and attended Kentucky Wesleyan College where he was an NCAA Div. II athlete in cross country/track and majored in Health Sciences. Outside of PA school Seth enjoys spending time with family/friends, being outdoors and staying fit.

In his own words,

"My favorite thing about the Physician Assistant career is that you are an intricate piece in the healthcare community. You aren't just a Mid-level provider. You have your own patients to diagnose and treat as well as working close to MD's, DO's, NP's, Nurses and other healthcare workers. The biggest challenge so far has been this didactic portion of PA school. The long hours of studying have been tough but it is well worth it, and I am really looking forward to starting my year of rotations. 

Professional style to me means many different things, from looking professional to acting professional. It is important to be an all around professional when we decide to become healthcare providers because people instantly hold you to a higher standard. So making sure you are well groomed, professionally dressed, acting professional to others and treating our patients in a professional manner is very important. You gain peoples' respect, trust and help induce a productive environment."

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