Shelby Neil
Shelby Neil

Shelby Neil, PA-S

Name: Shelby Neil, PA-S

Title: Physician Assistant Student

Location: Durham, NC

School/Program: Duke University Physician Assistant Program

Currently Wearing: The Elizabeth B. Women's Athletic Fit Lab Coat

Why did you choose your profession?:
I've always been interested in medicine and health science. I graduated with a degree in neuroscience and psychology in 2016 and had been working as a medical assistant. Working with other physician assistants, I realized the amount of impact they can have on the lives of their patients. I love the lateral flexibility of the field and enjoy the idea of life-long learning. I am currently a student in the Duke Physician Assistant Program (which was my dream school, by the way)

Current Passion Project:
I am class president of Duke Physician Assistant Program Class of 2021 and in that we support local philanthropies including homeless shelters, food pantries, the Ronald McDonald House, and the American Red Cross. I also worked with local organizations in Colorado supporting activities for adults with special needs.

Who was/is your inspiration?
My grandmother has always been my inspiration and my constant source of encouragement. She has always encouraged service to others and worked in the medical field herself. She is a wonderful, kind, and caring woman who always encouraged me to stand up for myself and others.

Fun Fact 1:
I spent two months in Tanzania and Nepal volunteering in small health centers last year.

Fun Fact 2:
I enjoy hiking, running, and skiing back in my home state of Colorado.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field?
Don't listen to what everyone else says about how to get into a good school. Follow your passions and be yourself; the school that is right for you will value your authenticity and personality.