Student Length white Lab Coats
Student Length white Lab Coats

The Short Lab Coat – For Students or Consultations

The short lab coat of most medical apparel companies is treated as a step down from what many would characterize as an already low-quality, generic, full length lab coat.

At Medelita, the short lab coat is given the same consideration and attention to detail as their sophisticated, prestigious, premium, full length lab coats. To illustrate, consider the following comparison between the full length and short lab coat from Medelita. The irony is, as the list below will illustrate, few if any of these attributes are available on most brands full length lab coat, much less their short lab coat.

At Medelita:

  1. The short lab coat is constructed from the same soft, comfortable, breathable and durable performance fabric as the full length lab coat.
  2. The proprietary pristine white fabric used on all Medelita lab coats possesses a subtle texture that enhances the brightness of the coat.
  3. All lab coat fabric is hydrophobic in that it repels soils and stains, and fluids literally roll off the fabric (even blood can be wiped away with no residue).
  4. All lab coat fabric is treated to provide wrinkle resistance.
  5. The same buttons used on all Medelita full length lab coats (which cost 26 times a typical lab coat button) are used on the short lab coat, and they’re secured, as are the pockets, with the same special reinforcement.
  6. Short lab coats employ the same type of gender specific designs and traditional sizing used on all full length lab coats – to ensure a proper fit.
  7. The same fashion sense used in designing the lapels on the full length lab coats has been applied to the lapel designs of the short lab coats as well.
  8. The same emphasis on creating a form-fitting coat that will enhance the appearance and presence of the wearer has been applied to the design of every Medelita lab coat, including the short lab coats.
  9. The artistry and commitment to detail that the in-house embroidery department invests in every lab coat or set of scrubs has enthusiastically been extended to all short lab coats.
  10. The use of the same materials, the same commitment to fashion, fit, and functionality, and the same hand-crafted workmanship has enabled the company to offer the same One Year Guarantee on all lab coats, including short lab coats.

For men, the Fleming Lab Coat, and for women the Elizabeth B. Lab Coat, are ideal choices for the clinician seeking a hip-length consultation coat or someone in training seeking a student coat. These short lab coats from Medelita are a revolutionary improvement over the boxy, hot, uncomfortable, unfashionable, non-functional, polyester blend, unisex short lab coats that are so common, cheap, poorly constructed and shabby.

Numerous studies have confirmed what you wear affects your aptitude and performance. Before Medelita came along, clinicians and students had no choice but to accept shoddy lab coats. Medelita has given them an option. As a result, the paradigm shift in the way health care professionals approach how they look and feel at work has begun. To see how your peers are adapting to it, view their unsolicited testimonials and reviews of the Fleming and Elizabeth B. short lab coats at If, in your judgment, a professional presence is a desirable attribute, we encourage you to consider how Medelita may be of assistance to you.