A Special Offer for our customers in France

 Lab Coats with Personalized Embroidery

Medelita offers discounted group rates to France.

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  • Purchase lab coats in France from a trusted retailer with confidence. Medelita ships lab coats, medical scrubs, stethoscopes and other medical apparel to Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice and other major French cities via UPS
  • Medelita will supply logo service for  major hospitals in France including
  1. Amiens University Hospital- Amiens
  2. Central hospital Alès
  3. Clinique Boneffon Alès
  4. University hospital CAREMO Nîmes
  5. Polyclinique du grand Sud Nîmes
  6. Hospital of Montpellier
  7. Hospital Lapeyronie Montpellier
  8. Hospital Saint Eloy Montpellier
  9. Psychiatric Hospital Lacolombière Montpellier
  10. University Hospital of Montpellier
  11. Central Hospital Bagnols sur Cèze
  12. Clinique les Franciscaines Nîmes
  13. American Hospital of Paris- Paris, France
  14. Angers University Hospital- Angers
  15. Jean Minjoz Hospital, located in Besançon-Planoise
  16. Centre hospitalier universitaire de Caen- Caen
  17. Hôpital Les Broussailles- Cannes
  18. Hôpital d'instruction des armées Percy- Clamart
  19. Grenoble University Hospital- Grenoble
  20. Limoges University Hospital- Limoges
  21. Claude Bernard University Hospital- Lyon
  22. Henri Poincaré University Hospital- Nancy
  23. Nantes University Hospital- Nantes
  24. Broussais University Hospital- Paris
  25. Hospital Europeen Georges Pompidou- Paris
  26. Institution Nationale des Invalides - Paris
  27. Necker-Enfants malades Hospital - Paris
  28. Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital - Paris
  29. Saint-Antoine University Hospital- Paris
  30. Val-de-Grâce military hospital- Paris
  31. René Dubos Hospital- Pontoise
  32. Reims University Hospital- Reims
  33. Rennes University Hospital- Rennes
  34. Rouen University Hospital- Rouen
  35. Tourcoing Hospital- Tourcoing
  36. Hôpital de La Grave- Toulouse
  37. Guingamp Hospital (coates d'armor)
  38. Nice University Hospital Nice
  39. Hospital Bicêtre- Paris
Medelita offers physicians, physician assistants, nurses, dentists and veterinarians the best quality lab coats at affordable prices.  Lab coats may be embroidered with hospital logos, practice logos, name and titles and a wide array of caduceus.