Stephany Eierle, DO, MPH
Stephany Eierle, DO, MPH

Stephany Eierle, DO, MPH

Name: Stephany Eierle, DO

Title: Resident Physician

Location: MA

School/Program: Nova Southeastern University Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why did you choose your profession?:
I remember learning about my mother losing her first child due to lack of access to healthcare and food when she first immigrated to this country. The trauma she continues to live with, motivated me to dedicate my life to making sure that others had the appropriate medical care they needed and that every human-being deserves.

Current Passion Project:
So many!! Currently working on a project called Cultural Rounds, where we feature a new community and it's believes/practices and how that affects their healthcare. Also working on a QI project to help non-English speaking patients learn more about their health conditions and their medications so that they can have power over their own health.

Who was/is your inspiration?
My parents always taught me that helping others was important. Even when they had nothing, they gave to others. I knew that whatever career I chose, I had to make a difference in the life of others.

Fun Fact 1:
I've always lives in warm weather but just spent my first year in NE, experiencing real winter.. Let's just say I miss the beach!

Fun Fact 2:
I love to dance and used to do so competitively.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field?
Never give up.

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